Several Wonderful Movies For Your Children

Do you love watching TV? There are some old movies that are probably good for your children to watch. Some recommended films could entertain and educate your children well. Some movies are:

1. The Parent Trap
This movie is really interesting and inspiring. There are two twin daughters that are looked after separately and they do not know each other. They accidentally meet each other in the summer camp. And they try to find their parents together. I love to watch this movie.

2. Swiss Family Robinson
You will never see the happiness of the Robinson family. This film begins with the accident of the ship near the island. They get many problems like bad weather, pirates and wild animals. But they are so brave, they can solve the problems.

3. The Sound of Music
There are many kids in the film that always sing. There is sound of music there. Your children will listen to beautiful music in this film.

4. Mary Poppins
It is story about the magical nanny. There are happiness and magic in the movie. I am sure that you will be interested in this film.

5. Annie
You can find a little girl namely Annie. Then you will be entertained with the dancing, the music and happy ending story. You will be glad to watch the movie and you will be satisfied with the film.

Sit down together with your family and share your happiness with them. Your favorite movies in childhood will entertain and educate your children. Have a nice day!